News and updates

Belowe you find last news and updates of our service


We’re constantly working on improving our service. Here are the list of recent changes. Our team has uploaded new videos to official YouTube channel, added examples of graphs and the algorithm of searching for minimum spanning tree, improved mobile version of the website, and made some other modifications.

Admin 09.04.2017

Create your own algorithm

Now you may create your own algorithms. It can be done on a special page . Documentation can be found here:

Admin 25.09.2016

Custom text for vertex

Added custom text for vertices.

Admin 04.07.2016

Graph layout

Added force-based layout systems for graph. It is first version and we will improve it more.

Admin 12.06.2016


Added functionality for zoom of work area.

Admin 11.06.2016


We added animation for shortest path finding and Eulerian cycle finsing. Also we improved reports.

Admin 23.01.2016